It's graphic now
The words of the future

January 2012’s exhibitions, It’s Graphic Now! The Words of Future, reveal the trends by mixing and placing head to head two major players of sensory experience: fashion and design.

Fourteen international designers, among which Bureau Mirko Borsche, OK-RM, Studio Julia – selected by Giorgio Camuffo – have been called upon to share their outlook on the future, choosing three meaningful words for the coming years, translating them into images, and thus creating a visual vocabulary.

The layout of the Fortezza da Basso, curated by architect Oliviero Baldini, consists of fourteen forklifts supporting the works, their placement changing every day as a reminder of life’s constant change, in what resembles a construction site still being set up.

CamuffoLab took on the challenge and created the graphic set-up made up of a 5-metre turret and the catalogue which explains the choices made by the designers, and also the choice of words that create the final result.

Pitti Immagine

Book design

Oliviero Baldini

Curated by
Giorgio Camuffo

Michele Bettio
Arianna Cremona
Matteo Zago

Florence 2011