Padiglione Kuwait 
EXPO 2015

The Kuwait Pavilion from Expo 2015, designed by the studio Italo Rota, is an immersive experience, made up of interactive analogic and multimedia stations, dedicated to the natural elements that build Kuwait’s identity: desert, sun and water.

The design of the pavilion is based on the representation of the natural resources essential to the development of life and the process of technological and eco-sustainable innovation (such as the desalination and the reuse of water), on which Kuwaitis have built their modern society, that is able to contribute to the global development of the planet.

The design, modelling the pavilion’s look on the profile of the Kuwaiti “sails” found on traditional vessels (Dhow), represent the extraordinary mix of cultural tradition and scientific modernity at the foundation of the contemporary Kuwaiti social identity.

CamuffoLab created the graphic set-up for the pavilion, with large wall-mounted illustrations, the signposting and ceiling graphics by recapturing the traditional embroidery techniques of Kuwaiti carpets. Lastly, they designed a space dedicated entirely to children, who are guided by “Kiwo the mascot” to enter a corridor placed under the model of Kuwait City, providing a privileged tour of the city thanks to the use several cupolas.

The Kuwait Pavilion ends with a real live Suq, a typical middle-eastern market, where people could buy various types of spices and objects.

Kuwait Ministry of Information

Architectural project
Italo Rota

General management
Nussli Group


Michele Bettio
Tommaso Cazzaro
Andrea Vettorello


Milano 2015