XX1T. 21st Century
Design after Design

In 1933 the first exhibition of decorative art at the Triennale of Milan was born, an event that occurs every three years under the guidance of figures like Gio Ponti and Mario Sironi, with manifestos drawn by masters such as Able Steiner, Max Huber and Massimo Vignelli.

In 2016, after twenty years from the last Esposizione, the Triennale of Milan inaugurates a new international exhibition. This 21st edition, entitled XX1T. 21st Century. Design After Design, explores a time where design is not just product design anymore, but also expression of an anthropological and technological transformation.

The programme unfolds into a series of exhibitions, events, calls, festivals and conferences spread across the city, in the effort of decodifying the new millennium and identify the changes that involve the very idea of designing.

CamuffoLab created the logo of the XXI Triennale (XX1T: The first post-twentieth century Triennale) and in collaboration with studio bruno, they managed the institutional communications, the signposting, and the general exhibition set-up. Moreover, they designed the communications campaign together with the Dutch studio Kesselkramer, coming up with a mysterious yellow object that, placed in different contexts, evokes the interaction between humans and design.

Triennale di Milano

Book Design

Curated by
Silvana Annichiarico

Matteo Zago

Milan 2016